Hungary, The May contract on HUDEX drops to 216 euros per MWh

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Futures prices on the Hungarian electricity derivatives exchange, HUDEX, have fallen significantly in recent months.

Thus, the contract for the month ahead on HUDEX during the trading session on April 28 fell to 216.66 euros per MWh, which is the lowest level in the last month. The May contract was traded on March 31 at a price of 272.66 euros per MWh.

This year’s absolute record for the month in advance was set on March 7, with a price of 522.62 euros per MWh.

A similar trend in the current month is recorded in the contracts for the supply of electricity in the third quarter of 2022, which fell from 284 euros per MWh on April 1 to 249.57 euros per MWh at the close of the market on April 27.

That is significantly below the maximum for this year of 442.1 euros per MWh, achieved on March 7.

On the other hand, the price of electricity for the year ahead recorded almost continuous growth during April from about 193 euros per MWh at the beginning of the month to 210.97 euros per MWh on April 27.

The highest price for the delivery of electricity in 2023 was achieved in April – over 215 euros per MWh.


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