Hungary, Trade volume on HUDEX 1,266 TWh in March

, SEE Energy News

In March 2022, a total of 1,266 million MWh was traded on the Hungarian electricity derivatives exchange HUDEX, which is 2% less than the 1,297 million MWh in February, according to the monthly report of the stock exchange operator.

The average daily volume of trade was 55,024 MWh, which is 15% less than in February 2022. The OTC volume reached 1.215 million MWh and the exchange volume 50.376 MWh in March.

The largest daily volume of trade was reached on March 16 – 307,026 MWh.

The largest volume of transactions was realized for the product with delivery in the fourth quarter of 2022 – 376 GWh. Also, for the delivery in the fourth quarter of this year, the largest number of contracts was concluded – 52.

The average price for electricity supply in March this year was 285.58 euros per MWh, and for the second quarter 260.77 euros per MWh, according to a HUDEX report.


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