Hungary, Trade volume on HUDEX 654 GWh in November

, SEE Energy News

A total of 653,900 MWh was traded on the Hungarian electricity derivatives exchange HUDEX in November 2022, which is 14% more compared to 571,133 MWh in October, according to the monthly report of the exchange operator.

The average daily trade volume was 29,723 MWh, which is 14% more compared to October 2022. The OTC volume reached 651,741 MWh, and the total exchange volume reached 2,159 MWh in November.

The highest daily trade volume was achieved on November 28 – 146 GWh.

The largest volume of transactions was achieved for the product with delivery in the first quarter of 2023 – 280 GWh. Also, the largest number of contracts were concluded for delivery in the first quarter of next year – a total of 58.

The average price of annual products is 361.32 euros per MWh for 2023, 251.43 euros per MWh for 2024 and 180.69 euros per MWh for 2025, according to the HUDEX monthly report.