Hungary: Traded electricity on HUPX in August

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In August on day-ahead market of the Hungarian energy exchange HUPX the average price of electricity amounted to 37.6 euros/MWh, which is 2.52 % higher compared to the previous month, when average baseload price amounted to 36.68 euros/MWh.

Average HUPX DAM peak price amounted to 40.15 euros/MWh in August, 3.71 % higher compared to July peak price. Traded volume in August reached 2.26 million MWh, which is 1.38 % less than in July (2.29 million MWh). Average daily traded volume in August amounted to 72,910.2 MWh. The total value of transactions in August amounted to 85.63 million euros, which is 1.73 % higher than in the previous month (84.17 million euros).