Hungary: Two solar power plants in Puspokladany commissioned by Photon Energy

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The two power plants are a part of a larger project which envisages the commissioning of ten solar power plants located in Puspokladany in eastern part of Hungary. Dutch-based Photon Energy announced that it has completed and connected to the electricity network two solar power plants with combined installed capacity of 2.8 MW in Puspokladany. The expected annual electricity production of the plants is around 4.1 GWh.

The commissioning of six power plants within the project is planned by the end of the month, while the remaining two solar power plants will be put into operation in November. With the latest additions, Photon Energy’s solar portfolio in Hungary has risen to 37.8 MW.

Photon Energy started the construction of 10 solar power plants with a total capacity of 14.1 MW in June. The new power plants will stretch over 19.8 hectares and supply electricity to E.ON’s network. The company expects the power plants to generate approximately 20 GWh of electricity per year. Photon Energy will operate the power plants through four wholly-owned project companies with a total of 10 METAR licenses. Five licenses entitle each power plant to a feed-in tariff 96.75 euros/MWh for 15 years and 5 months, with a maximum approved and supported production of 29,955 MWh per license. The remaining five licenses entitle each power plant to the same feed-in tariff for 17 years and 11 months, with a maximum approved and supported production of 34,813 MWh per license. The total annual revenues of all ten power plants are expected to amount to over 1.9 million euros.