Hungary: Veolia plans to upgrade the newly acquired TPP

, SEE Energy News

Just two weeks after it has acquired Bakonyi Eromu, French Veolia announced that it plans to invest 2.6 million euros to improve environmental protection at this thermal power plant in western Hungary. The works on the upgrade are expected to start in March.

CEO of Veolia Energia Magyarorszag, Gyorgy Palko said that the plan is to improve the plant’s efficiency and resolve the long-standing issue of soot and fly ash around the plant.

Veolia Energia Magyarorszag recently acquired 98 % stake in Bakonyi Eromu, the operator of power plant in Ajka in western Hungary, with the installed capacity of 132 MW in electricity and 360 MW in heat energy. Veolia agreed the purchase last summer and closed the transaction on 28 December 2017, following the approval of the Hungarian Competition Office (GVH). The company did not disclose any financial details of this acquisition. In 2016, Bakonyi Eromu recorded net revenues in the amount of 42.3 million euros.

In 2016, Veolia Energia Magyarorszag purchased Bioenergia Muvek Energiatermelo Zrt. which operates the fourth largest Hungarian biomass power plant in Szakoly, with installed capacity of 19.8 MW.