II European Emission Trading Summit

15. August 2013. / SEE Energy News

On ours and organizer behalf, we would like to invite you to participate at second edition of international conference on the topic of functioning of emission allowances trading system: „II European Emission Trading Summit”, which will be held on 19th November 2013 in Warsaw.

First edition of the event,  which was held in November 2012,  was an undoubted success and have met with appreciation of the sector covered by the EU ETS. Team of CBE Polska have created a  international meeting during which debated giants trading CO2 emissions, representatives from European Energy Exchange AG and ICE Futures Europe, representatives of European Commission, members of non-governmental organizations and companies active on carbon market.

During the second edition of the conference organizer also intend to introduce participants to the experience of non-European trade in CO2 emissions, especially since this year’s edition of the event will be held in exceptional circumstances. Poland is hosting this year’s UN Climate Summit – COP19, during which key findings in the area of climate policy are negotiated. According to estimates, around 30 thousand visitors from around the world will come to Warsaw in November.

„II European Emission Trading Summit” will focus on the potential possibility of rebuilding the functioning of the EU ETS, global carbon market prospects, backloading effects to an exchange of emission trading, as well as forecasts for the coming years.

When it comes to essential aspects, we will focus on the verification of regulations, registries, mechanisms of international stock exchanges and on the examples of best trading mechanisms. The participants are going to be representatives of: regulatory institutions and the most important European companies and units functioning in EU ETS system – the high rank management as well as experienced traders. Participants will discuss, learn and keep updated with the current issues around climate change, carbon and energy.

To participate in the seminar we invite representatives from following sectors: electricity, heating, refining, coke, limestone, cement, chemical, metallurgical, paper, ceramics, aerospace, sugar, glass (operating in the EU ETS) – traders including:

energy trading departments, portfolio management
departments of environmental protection
legal and regulatory departments
analysts of market for CO2 emission allowances
traders and brokers
advisers intermediaries in the trading privileges
CO2 emissions verifiers
representatives of law firms
all persons interested in matter of accounting for CO2 emissions

Detailed and actual informations about the event (agenda, speakers, etc.) will be published shortly on the website of the organizer: www.cbepolska.pl

We also encourage you to contact us by phone: +48 22 82 77 123

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