In HPP “Elektromorava” – company Drinsko-Limske HPPs, new 4MW

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Realized all effects of rehabilitation of HPP “Elektromorava”  –  “reinforced” both power plants of this branch, and soon they will get an extra boost by the installation of a 600KW mini-power plant.

Electricity generation in HPP “Elektromorava” this year, more precisely in the first three months, is at the planned level. Namely, the hydrological situation  was favorable for the turbine, so that the relation of the realized and planned in production amounts to 114 % on a monthly basis, while at the level of annual planned realization, according to the first three month data, this percentage is 108 – says Mr. Slavko Majstorović, the director of HPP “Elektromorava”. – In the first quarter, over the period of 16 days, the inflow amounted to 50 and more cubic meters per second, so that in that period one of the effects of rehabilitation was clearly seen.

As indicated by Mr. Majstorović, by the rehabilitation of all four power units in HPP “Elektromorava”, the average inflow through the turbine has increased from 40 to 50 cubic meters per second, i.e. by 25%. The rehabilitation effect can be surely perceived in the newly gained installed power, increased from 13.5 to 17.5 MW.

-Rehabilitation made each power unit reinforced by 25 percent, i.e. on average by one megawatt each, which clearly justifies the investment, because the newly gained power increased by a mini-power plant of four megawatts – Mr. Majstorović explained. – Due to the fact that in the period prior to the rehabilitation, the repair and maintenance costs were increasing constantly, and that in the post-rehabilitation period, the costs were cut by 50 percent, which clearly shows the effects of investment profitability. Our interlocutor points out that during the rehabilitation, more than 90 percent of parts, assemblies and equipment were replaced, which marked a new life cycle of the plant. However, the investment was completed on the basis of  conceptual solutoin made by professionals employed in HPP “Elektromorava”, and the installed equipment and parts are produced in Serbia and in the countries of former Yugoslavia. Rehabilitation venture is worth 14 million euros and supported by the Government of Serbia, EPS, “Drina-Lim HPPs” and HPP “Elektromorava.”

– As for the current activities in HPP “Elektromorava”, in March this year, the reconstruction of the system of safe power supply was done by adding a backup group of AKU batteries with new rectifier in HPP “Ovčar banja“  – says Mr.Majstorović. Thus, the paralel operation of two rectifiers and their batteries at one busbar system of the consumer, as well as the possibility of choosing one battery and rectifier system that would power the consumer busbars.

According to Mr. Slavko Majstorovic, the drainage system pump in HPP “Ovčar banja“ will soon be procured, which will simultaneously mark the beginning of reconstruction of the drainage system that was not foreseen in the rehabilitation completed in 2010.

For easier, modern and precise way of monitoring the dam stability in HPP „“Medjuvršje“, the procurement of auscultation equipment  is envisaged. Overhaul works in HPP “Elektromorava” will be conducted in September and it will last for seven days for every power unit. Information concerning overhaul duration tells a lot about scope of works, since both power plants are completely rehabilitated and new.

-Human resources are the greatest treasure of every organization, and thus it is necessary to pay special attention to this issue and to make room for continuous development and progress by educating young professionals, which will be one of the priorities in the period to come, in line with modern technology introduction – argues our interlocutor. The support given by “Drinsko-Limske HPPs“ so far, in every joint work, both in the investment and organization sense, has contributed to the successful operation of the Branch HPP “Elektromorava“ and the cooperation is expected to be continued.

Mini 600 KW HPP

Something that draws the attention  of employees to a great extent and constantly, since the rehabilitation ended, is naturally the work on terrain preparation for the installation of the Mini 600KW power plant – Majstorovic points out.

Namely, on the proposal of the technical staff of “Drinskо-Limskе HPPs“,  the inititative was launched to make a conceptual solution for better small HPP water utilization in order to secure biological minimum of water flow over the dam in dry season. This idea was accepted, the consent was obtained and the erection of Mini HPP is expected to start in the first half of July this year.

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