Industry in BH consumes most electricity, big consumers facing power market liberalization and new procurement model

, SEE Energy News

Gross electricity production in the Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina in 2011 amounted to 9708 GWh. In thermal power plants 6851 GWh was produced, 2431 GWh in hydro power plants, and 325 GWh in industrial power plants.

The industrial sector had the largest share in the consumption of electricity in 2011 – 41.3 percent, and then households – 31.6 percent, according to data from the Federal Statistics Office.

Industrial production of metals without iron contents had the largest share of electricity consumption in 2011 in the industrial sector – 26.7 percent, and the iron and steel industry – 8.6 percent. According to the same source, the total production of coal in the Federation of BH in 2011 amounted to 4,192,365 tons, lignite, 2,909,849, and coal 886,911 tons.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine/Agencies