Inside story, the construction of Brodarevo HPPs: Environmental and community groups claiming evidences against the Canadian REV

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Residents of Metanjac village next to Bijelo Polje, near Serbian border, are afraid of HPPs’ construction in Brodarevo. Engineers from Serbia came to the village seven years ago and measured something whole day long and set quotas at the end. These quotas determined how far this area should be sunk. If engineers’ predictions realize, houses, stalls, land greenhouses and other goods will be under water. If two HPPs are built in Brodarevo, the life of these people will be destroyed.

About 60 people from Metanjac maintained citizens’ assembly when they spoke to media and said that they won’t let them make a lake from their village.

-We don’t allow it. At a price of life! Nusret Alic, resident from Metanjac whose property was crossed when engineers set quotas seven years ago, was categorical. “Those quotas are set through Alic colonies, behind the house of Blazo Rakonjac and they spread 800m to houses of Sefka, Ahmeta and Nijaza Kujovica. Engineers said then that Pobrezje, which is placed on the other side, is also being sunk”, Nusret Alic said. Engineers from Serbia didn’t just set quotas, they also noted their houses, measured their surface areas and written names of the owners. “They told us that part of Bijelo Polje highway will also be sunk- Belgrade and Kranjski Most. Road towards Kranje village will also be sunk, where villages Mioca, Dobrinja and Milovo are placed. They told us that highroad will be moved to be over Kanja, below Mioca and Dobrinja and that it will slowly descend to Brodarevo”, Alic talked concerned.

Other Matanjac residents are also concerned. They hope that Montenegrin Government won’t let their territory to be sunk so easily, that they will protect them from consequences of Brodarevo HPPs’ construction, that they won’t let anything to be done without their permission. Metanjac residents heard that there is also a chance for these HPPs to be built and not cross over borders.

-We can have consequences in that case also, because Kumanovo canyon is too tide and lake doesn’t have enough space, so water will return to us and flood our houses. They will probably say that they will have some omissions where water will flow, but if that happens only once, we are done, Metanjac residents said. Executive Director of NGO Euromost Almer Mekic announced that he’ll fight together with residents so houses won’t be sunk.

-We have to talk about this problem. We have to find out all the details about possible consequences of construction for Bijelo Polje municipality area, Mekic said. Representative of NGO sector from Brodarevo, Amel Kurbegov said that he came to support neighbors and Bijelo Polje municipality residents who will be potentially endangered with construction of two illegal plants in Brodarevo.

-We met residents with referential cards also. These referential cards are omitted from the study of environment influence estimation which is in public display currently. It can be clearly seen on the card that part of Bijelo Polje municipality can be sunk. Residents can assure with card insight how deep accumulation of HPP Brodarevo gets in Montenegrin territory. We will give our support to all activities that residents do about this problem, they will have legal protection from us and our attorney and we expect urgent meeting with Ministry of Environmental Protection soon. We’ll explain them that this is typical fraud that is tried to be carried into effect, while citizens are not informed about it, Kurbegovic said.

Two hydro power plants

Construction of two HPPs Brodarevo 1 and 2 is being planned on the river Lim. Company “REV” invested 10 million Euros already, and construction of the two HPPs is predicted to cost 145 million Euros.

Lake is on Montenegrin territory also

Referential card was carried out from Plan for Special Purpose. NGO representative from Brodarevo, Amel Kurbegovic emphasizes that this card exactly shows the covered area.

-This referential card cannot be found in referential cards that are contained in the study of environmental influence estimation. It only contains Gostun territory, this part behind doesn’t exist.  This has to be explained, Matanjac residents have to be introduced to it. Despite overboard influence of vaporization and other following happenings that go with damn, lake comes directly to Montenegrin territory to bridge Grosin in Metanjac, what refers to 7km, and with floods even further, Kurbegovic said.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine