Japanese delegation visited power plant TENT A, one step closer to FGD project start

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Representative of Japan Ministry of Foreign affairs Ms.Onodera and Ms.Saiko from JICA Balkan representative office visited power plant Nikola Tesla A along with EPS representatives. The visit was organized with aim to proceed with talks on FGD project realization, flue gas desulphurization facility for four units on TENT A location, the project financed by approved Japanese loan in value of 250 mil euro.

The guests from Japan spoke with Petar Knezevic, Director of CE TENT and were informed about the general production characteristics of biggest power generation producer in Serbia and region of South East Europe. Director of TENT reminded on 2010 and several modernization and upgrade projects on facilities. Such measures influenced the production increase for 3 bill and 200 mill Kwh, which is equal to the construction of new 400MW unit and in the same time coal consumtion was decreased for 400.000 tons per year.

Most important modernization measures, including several important environmental projects, were completed exactly on TENT A location, the power plant which produced most of the electricity record quantities within TENT in 2011.

The already started second phase of modernization, which should be completed by 2017, TENT will continue with activities and measures on capacity increase as well as on energy efficiency measures of existing facilities.

According to TENT Director, great attention will be focused on completion of several important environmental projects out of which, the most important project is exactly flue gas desulphurization project.