Joint Serbia-Montenegro HPP power generation facility, readiness of HPP “Piva” on the highest level

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HPP “Piva” accomplished 82% of planned production last year, i.e. 640MW of planned 784MW of electricity.

Director of HPP Milan Radović thinks that reasons for slightly lower production were in bad hydrological conditions, while turbines were completely ready.

Radović underlined that it is ungrateful to predict anything about plans for this year. All depends on amount of rain, because driving force readiness is always on the highest level.

– All three aggregates are in operation in January. Hydrological conditions are good, but considering the fact that we work within the system of Serbian energy company Elektroprivreda Srbije, a lot of it depends on engagement in electricity exchange, because we get 1,45KWH of electricity for every KW- Radović stressed.

According to his words, German KWH Developmental Bank’s credit for modernization of existing equipment is in progress. Radović points out that it has not to do with big credit which will enable installed force increase. The credit will be used for lifting of HPP on a higher technological level.

HPP “Piva” is obligated to invest in Plužina municipality on HPP construction basis. Radović emphasizes that Elektroprivreda made general agreement with municipality for financing of nine projects that worth 11,5million Euros, and it should be done until 2014.

– We must plan investing of 5million Euros in water supply repair, arrangement of the ports and space according Detailed Urban Plan, and in detours and viaducts on town entrance- Radović said.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine