JV HPP project “Dubrovnik 2” secured, says Baštinac deputy minister of energy in Republika Srpska

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Expert Counselor in Department of Water Resources from Sarajevo Božo Knežević underlines that planned HPP “Dubrovnik 2” won’t make salt desert from Neretva River valley as delegate Stjepan Krešić claims in the BiH House of People.

Knežević said that Krešic’s statements about planned facility to make conditions for salt water breakthrough in Neretva’s delta are absurd. Therefore, he asked BiH Ministry Council to react.

“Drainage Channels, which bottom is 5m lower than Adriatic Sea bottom, are constructed on that area. So, water doesn’t need to penetrate in these channels and that is the main reason for salting”, stressed Knežević for “Nezavisne novine”.

Deputy Minister of Energy of Republika Srpska Milan Baštinac belives that Krešic’s non-argument accusations for “Gornji Horizonti” project are just subjects of cheap political game and one more attempt to stop energy projects in Srpska.

“After Bosnian officials from Sarajevo disputed hydro energy projects of “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske” on Drina river, Representatives of minor Croatian parties of BiH try to dispute project of water direction of Trebišnjica and Neretva that we do together with Croatia”, stresses Baštinac.

He concluded that all this new hydro energy projects are being done according to the law, ecological studies and other rules.

Two energy companies from Republika Srpska and Croatia, “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske” and “Hrvatska elektroprivreda”, which are preparing project of HPP “Dubrovnik 2” are estimating that Krešic’s statements, on construction of this HPP will make additional problems in Neretva valley, are unacceptable.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine