“Kоlubаrа Метаl” on the road of changes, “Мetal” is back home

12. August 2013. / Mining

The company that was until recently separated, will have the status of the branch within Kolubara. The maintenance of the mining equipment, for which “Metal” is competent, both technically and in terms of staff, is the requirement of the successful production in the mines.

Director of Mining Basin “Kolubara”, Mr. Milorad Grčić and his associates and the management of “Kolubara Metal” visited this company on 3 July,on which occasion he announced further steps in relation to its return under the auspices of its founder.

During the visit of the facilities, the guests had the opportunity to be assured once again,on the spot,of a high level of readiness of “Metal” to perform the most complex tasks related to the maintenance of mining equipment, which are one of the basic conditions for a successful and smooth production of coal in the mines.

Having expressed his satisfaction for the arrangement of this working visit, the director Grčić said he expected that the merging procedure that was initiated a few months ago would be formally completed in the next few weeks.

– The goal is just a few steps away. One of the most important steps is that “Kolubara Metal” is named the branch of the Mining Basin “Kolubara”. I want to emphasize once again that today as well as during our previous visits,we have noted a high level of staff and technical readiness of the factory. Numerous analyzes have shown definitively that “Metal” once was and again has to be the heart of the mining basin, without which it is very difficult to operate. We are pleased to have contributed to getting “Metal” back to the system of “Kolubara”, which will provide stability and continuity of coal production and electricity generation in Serbia – said Mr. Grčić.

During the visit to the factory, the director of “Kolubara Metal”, Mr. Dragan Jovanović thanked the management of “Kolubara” for the visit and the chance for one of the best of metal companies in Serbia, to present once again its capacities and capabilities.

– The branch of “Metal” has the potential to become the backbone of the mining basin production. We are honored to welcome people who are the most deserving for the fact that we came back home, that we returned to “Kolubara”. Also, we will continue to work together as before the separation, which will surely have a positive impact on the production performance – said Mr. Jovanović.

Director Jovanović added that “Metal” will be integrated into MB “Kolubara” together with all its employees and that cca. 200 workers, who currently have fixed-term contracts, will sign the Decisions this month according to which they will be promoted to full-time employees.

А. Pаvlоvić

The branch status obtained

The Management board of “Electric power industry of Serbia, at the meeting held on 17 July has adopted the Decisions on status change and approved the contract draft on merging the company “Kolubara-Metal” into the company Mining basin “Kolubara”, and at the same time, the Decisions on amendments of the Decision on formation of the MB “Kolubara” are made as well as the Decision on formation of the Branch “Kolubara-Metal”.

Source; RBK

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