“Kolubara Metal” overhauls and revitalizes vital parts of bagger

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Regular overhauls of mining facilities in coal systems are in progress on 4 surface pits of mining basin “Kolubara” in order to provide safe production and annual plan of 30 million tons of coal which is used for production of 52% of electricity in Serbia.

Stressing the significance of overhauls, leading coal producer in Serbia Milorad Grcic, Director of “Kolubara” said:

-Our big system is significant for energy safety for EPS and it won’t be able to do its production obligations if there is no “Kolubara Metal”, which is the only one in Serbia capable of doing overhauls and revitalizations of our mining equipment. We can rely on their knowledge and capacities at any moment because they are best in domestic machine construction.

“Kolubara Metal” does regular overhauls on surface pit “Polje D” and it did overhaul of vital rotor parts of baggers “glodar 10” and “glodar 8”, next to ongoing business.

Excavation redactor was replaced on the first bagger and vital part which is 10 tons heavy was used from other type of bagger. That required completion of total documentation in order to do complex removal and installation of this part of equipment. Replacement operation was also done on “glodar 8” bagger which has damaged bed so it was done technologically in short term.

Revitalization of steel reconstruction sector on rotor bagger “glodar 1” which is about 4 decades old is being finished next to overhauls on surface pit “Polje B”.

Observing completed business, Branko Nikolic Deputy Minister of “Kolubara Metal” stresses that overhauls on coal systems are being done with supervision of technical staff, engineers of different profiles and equipment that only this collective process in domestic machine construction. –Employees are engaged all the time during 25-30 days so we have done revitalization of vital parts on three rotor baggers at the same time with routine activities on overhauls.

This practically means that prolonging of the old baggers’ lifespan, baggers which were seriously damaged because of long production- Nikolic stresses with great engagement.

Overhauls done by “Kolubara Metal” will be continued in the following days on pits “Tamnava-Zapadno polje” and “Veliki Crljeni”, as well as facilities on Drobilana in Tamnava.

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