Kolubara mines basin production report oct nov 2012, over-fulfillment only in Tamnava Open Pit mines

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In MB “Kolubara”, for nine months, more than 21 million tons of coal has been excavated, which is by 1 percent or more precisely by 215,000 tons less than planned. The over fulfillmentof the coal excavation plans has been achieved by OPMs of  “Tamnava”. In the OMP “TamnavaWest Field”, 9.48million tons of coal has been produced and the plan has been exceeded by nearly 6 percent. The Field “Veliki Crljeni” has provided about 3.81 million tons oflignite and the plan has been exceeded byabout 5 percent. In the “Field D”, more than 4.98million tons of lignite have been excavated which represents 87 percentof  plan realization. The” Field B”, with 2.76 million tons of coal, has fulfilled the plan with about 95%.

In the Open Pit Mines of the biggest ligniteproducer in the country, more than 2.33 million tons of lignitewasexcavated inSeptember, which is 13 percent less than planned.

According to Ljubivoje Gačić, the Head of Service for Production Coordination ,theSeptember plan wasn’t fulfilled due to poorer supply of the TPP “Nikola Tesla“ in Obrenovac with coal. Since the stockpiles were completely filled , the coal transport varied in accordance with the daily consumption necessaryfor the  operation ofthese Power Plants Blocks.This is the reason why not a single  ofthe Pit Mines hasrealized the coal plan for this month.

“Tamnava-West Field“ has provided the largest amount of lignite,more than 1.13million tons, which is 93 % of the planned quantities.The Open Pit Mine “Veliki Crljeni“,with 427,935 tons of coal, has achieved the plan with about 95 percent. In the Open Pit Mine “Field D“,530,588 tons of lignite was excavated, which represents the plan fulfillment of 82 %.  In the OPM “ Field B“, 243.573 tons of coalwere produced, i.e.  68 % of the planned amounts. The production of the overburden in MB “Kolubara“ was 48.31 million m3 in the last nine months ,which is about 1 percent more than the balance. Three million m3of overburden are the dirt bands from the coal benches. If we take a look at the each mine individually, “Tamnava-West Field“ is the only OPM in MB “ Kolubara“ that exceeded the nine-month plan of overburden. In this open pit,  23.72 million m3 of overburden was produced,which is 45 percent more than the balance. In the “Field D“,  more than 16.49 million of m3 of overburden was excavated or 75 percent of the planned amounts.The Field “B“ produced about 5.11 million m3 of overburden, which represents the plan realization of 92 percent. In the Field “Veliki Crljeni“ more than 2.97 million m3of overburden was excavated and dumped, which represents the plan realization of 78%.

The overburden production in September, with dirt  bands  in MB “Kolubara“, amounted to 6.35 million m3, which is 15 percent more than planned. OPM “Tamnava –West Field“ had the biggest production and the plan overfulfillment which, with 3 million m3 of overburdenexcavated, exceeded the plan by about 55 %.In the Field “Veliki Crljeni“,  734.202 m3 of overburden was produced or 47 percent more than planned. In the  “Field  D“, 1.94 million m3 of overburden was produced and  dumpedor 82 percent of  the planned amounts.  “Field D“ provided 581.355 m3 of overburden andfulfilled the planwith 87 percent.

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