Kolubara mining basin production report, over 23.78 million tons of lignite excavated

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In “Kolubara” Mining Basin 23,784,752 tons of lignite have been excavated in ten months, which was 286,248 tons less than the balance.

Coal production in October totaled 2,735,357 tons, which was 97.5 percent of the quantity envisioned by the plan. In the plan, occupancy of TENT “A” landfill near Belgrade, in late October, was 94 per cent and TENT “B” 103 percent. TEK landfills were filled 81 per cent and TPP “Morava” landfills 95 percent of the balance.

In the open pit mines of RB “Kolubara” 55,075,668 cubic meters of overburdenhave been excavated and spread in ten months, which is about three percent more than planned. About 3.5 million cubic meters of this amountare dirt bands from coal benches. Most dirt bands were in the open pit mine “Tamnava West Field.”

October overburden production of “Kolubara” amounted to 6,759,217 cubic meters, or 17 percent more than planned.

Source RBK

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