Kostolac thermal power plants invested 75MEUR so far

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Revitalization block “B2” in TPP “Kostolac B” has been continued despite the shift in deadlines; about how far is work in progress, what has been done, whether the work will be completed by December 9, as planned and how much money was spent so far, we have talked to Zlatko Zakošek, director of the Directorate for the production of electricity.

Mr. Zakošek, what is the progress of revitalization works on the block “B2”?

– Thermal power plant “Kostolac B” is now a huge construction site with more than 700 workers from contractor companies present – says Zlatko Zakošek, director of the Directorate for the production of electricity. – Performing of mechanical tasks was entrusted to the following companies “Feromont”,”Gosa Montaza” and “Izoprogres” while electrical works were entrusted to “Termoelektro Enel” and “Mihajlo Pupin” Institue. In the past period, hiring a contractor on some assembly work proved unsatisfactory, especially during night shifts and weekends. Current dynamics of these activities is therefore not satisfactory and efforts have been made to increase the intensity by corrective measures to meet required deadlines. In this respect, the situation is critical in the boiler unit pipe system, and these jobs are the most extensive and complex. Delay from the due date of the plan, in addition to problems with insufficient engagement of contractors, was also influenced by the fact that it was not possible to get equipment from abroad in time, as well as delays in payment, caused by the delay in the implementation of foreign loan arrangement. All activities are currently taking place in full intensity, and the work is organized in 24 hours, seven days a week. We should mention that in order to accelerate the work, we have established an Operational team with the task to continuously monitor the dynamics of the realization of contracted work in close cooperation with the contractor.

What has been done so far?

– The most important tasks that have been done so far are the replacement of part of the piping system in the boiler unit, replacement of steam pipeline, modernization of furnace grid, reconstruction of electric filters, etc. Mechanical work on the reconstruction of electric filters is being finalized and they are currently working on setting up thermal insulation. Now the work on the installation of the boiler hopper and on the preparation for chemical pipeline flushing and blowing is in progress. The total level of implementation of works to revitalize the block is about 80 percent. Domestic and overseas deliveries of equipment have been completed, so it does not affect the period of the completion of work.

– Work on the overhaul of the block is slowly entering the final phase. The next activity that is of great importance and which should define closer the date for the synchronization of the block is the testing of the boiler with cold water pressure. We are trying to have this test of quality of the welding work done in early November. After that, chemical flushing and blowing of the boiler are in line. Next are final machine work to establish working patterns of pipe lines and steam lines, drying of the newly installed refractory wall, functional testing of devices and the start up of the block.

Will work on revitalizing be completed by December 9, as originally planned?

-The target date for block synchronization is December 9, and according to current status of the work it is achievable. However, as I said, the remaining volume of work is significant and complex, so that all participants in this project have to put in maximum effort and hard work in order to comply with this term.

How much has been invested so far and how much will the total amount of investment in the revitalization of the block “B2” be?

– So far around 75 million Euros has been invested in the revitalization of the block B2, and the entire investment will amount to around 90 million Euros. This project should provide new 150,000 operating hours with an increased level of technical efficiency and availability.  Other goals of the revitalization are to reduce the number of unplanned hold ups and to comply with the requirements of environmental protection. It is important to mention that after the reconstruction of the electric filters, dust emissions in the smoke gas will be within the limits of European standards, Zlatko Zakošek said at the end of the interview.

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