Land acquisition and spatial plan adjustments ready for Souht Stream Serbia

20. May 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Company “Juzni tok Srbija” (South Stream) and Republic Agency for spatial planning have signed contract, for making spatial plan for Serbian Sector of South Stream.

Director of the Company “Juzni tok Srbija” and Managing Director of “Srbijagas” Dusan Bajatovic said that all contracts that bring to launching Serbian Sector of this pipeline construction in 2013 are provided now.

-All conditions for pipes’ settlement begin in the end of this year are made now- he said.

Bajatovic stressed that Serbian Sector of South Stream is completely determined including interconnections toward Croatia and Republika Srpska.

According to his words, design project for South Stream that “Srbijagas” delivered has a good grade and general project will also be delivered until 30 June so tenders for pipes and compressors’ supply will be announced very soon.

-We can talk about construction license for Serbia in autumn- Bajatovic said.

He repeated that South Stream pipeline will enter Serbia near Zajecar and exit near Sombor, while the branch toward Croatia will be near Gospodjinci and branch toward Republika Srpska near Belgrade.

Acting Director of Republic Agency for Spatial Planning Dragan Duncic said that spatial plan for South Stream will be edited with branches toward Croatia and Republika Srpska.

-Changes and editions of spatial plan will enable “Srbijagas” to solve property-legal issues on 75 locations on 600 km long track together with electricity cables- Duncic said.

Investment in construction of sectors should amount 1,7 billion EUR.

South Stream pipeline that should cost 16 billion EUR, it will transfer Russian gas to the buyers in South East Europe and EU and its capacity will be 63 billion cubic meters a year.

South Stream Project carrier is Russian National Company “Gasprom”.

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