Lim and Uvac rivers in west Serbia as key attractive locations for new hydro power plants projects, proven potentials with multiple effects

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The system of the Lim hydroelectric power stations represents the source of electric power supply of the economy and population of Polimlje and surroundings. By the realisation of the mentioned plans for the construction of new systems of dams and hydroelectric power stations, the stability of electric power system of Serbia would be considerably improved.

The pluviometric regime, the morphology and geological structure of the terrain influenced most that the Lim and the Uvac and their tributaries have been the most significant hydro-potentials in Polimlje. The morphology of the terrain (riverbed slope) in the Lim river basin caused the construction of several dams and artificial lakes with the aim of the electric power production. A project was made by Electrical Industry of Serbia which would enable rational use of waters in the Lim and the Uvac river basins. According to this project, the construction of 20-30 smaller hydroelectric power stations was planned and the annual production of electric power would be over 3 billion KWh. In 1947, a group of hydro-geologists made a plan of hydroelectric use of the Lim and the Uvac, its tributary, when it was established that the Uvac was the most significant water flow in hydroelectric view in the region. Its riverbed uplifted for about 400 m at 50 m from the mouth of river into the Lim which enabled that three artificial accumulations were built in its composite valley: the Zlatarska, Radoinjska and Sjenicka accumulations.

The hydroelectric potential of the Uvac is almost completely used, while the potential of the Lim is only about 10% used, which points that there still have been some possibilities to have the new hydroelectric power stations constructed and energetic sector expanded. By the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia (1996), the construction of