Lithium deposits confirmed in Serbia, mining potentials attracts new investors

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In the territory of Blace, Lađevci, Preljina, Valjevo, Koceljeva and Trnava new deposits of lithium and boron were found, reveals the Canadian company “Ultra Lithium”, which is responsible for conducting geological research. They have completed the first phase of the project, which is widespread throughout the Balkans and includes sampling and testing of these materials.

Company director Mark Morin said they were encouraged by the results so far and that their priority is to carry out the complete geological survey by the end of the year.

Miroslav Ignjatovic from the Association of Energy and Energy Mining of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, told Kurir daily it will take four to five years to get to a mining exploitation.

– Lithium is a rare material, much in demand all over Europe and we will benefit from it only if these studies are followed by domestic processing industry. We could produce lithium batteries for mobile phones, laptop batteries and electric cars batteries, which are the future. We will have a substantial benefit, primarily due to the hiring of new employees in mining and industry, but also because of the large profits from exports. However, a dollar that is invested in mining returns the slowest – says this Mining Sciences phd, adding that this project must be considered in the long run.

The fact that our country has a great potential for mining that can be measured in billions of Euros, is well known to mining companies “Rio Tinto”, “Avala resources” and “Victoria Group”, which found gold ore on Crni Vrh last week, while the search for copper and phosphate continues.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine