Macedonia and Albania are speeding up the construction of small HPPs, concessions granted to foreign companies

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Recently constructed “Kezevo” damn in Macedonia was put into operation. This is the first phase of hydro energy project “Zlatovica” which includes the construction of six small HPPs, 13 MW strong, that produce 50 GWH yearly.

This project is very important for water supply and agriculture. Constructed damn made accumulative lake with 23,5 million m3 of water volume what will enable water supply in six municipalities in east Macedonia. Construction of eight small hydro power plants and irrigation system, for 4000 ha of agricultural land, is planned for the second and third phase. Damn project investments amounted about 95 million Euros where 70 million Euros were covered with credit from Japanese Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and 25 million Euros from Macedonian Government’s assets.

Authorities from Albania approved three licenses for the construction of three small HPPs at the same time: SHPP Stavec 6 MW strong in Bulqize region, SHPP Strava 3,6 MW strong and Quafezeze 0,4 MW strong in Librazhd region. Value of the project SHPP Stavec amounts 11,32 million dollars and Koka Company will construct it, while value of the SHPP Quafezeze amounts 0,5 million dollars and Company Caushi K. will construct it.

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