Macedonia: Bogdanci wind farm project to enter second phase

, SEE Energy News

General Director of Macedonian power utility ELEM Hristijan Mickoski said that the construction of Bogdanci wind farms has been the best value-formoney project that the utility has had so far, which led to a decision to enter the second phase of the project.

Mickoski said that production expectations were surpassed by 25 %, which gives the company hope, not only in the expansion of this wind farm, but in adding additional wind power capacities in Bogdanci and in other areas in Macedonia. Wind park currently consists of 16 wind turbines, while the second stage of the project envisages the addition of another six turbines. Once completed, Bogdanci wind farm will have installed capacity of 50 MW, which could produce up to 100 GWh of electricity per year, enough to cover the demand of some 60,000 households.

German KfW Bank provided most of the initial investment of 55.5 million euros. Additional 24 million euros will be needed for the second stage of the project and ELEM plans to take a loan in the amount of 18 million euros for that purpose.

Director for Development and Investment at ELEM, Aleksandar Paunoski said that the company is scouting other areas along the Vardar river, and considers that it could installed wind turbines with the capacity of up to 100 MW near the villages of Miravci and Davidovo.