Macedonia: EBRD accepts new ELEM study on HPP Boškov most and Lukovo polje

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After detailed consultations with the energy company ELEM and Macedonian authorities, EBRD accepted recommendations from the Board of Bern Conference, regarding national park Mavriovo, which demand the project of construction of hydro power plants Boškov most and Lukovo polje to be stopped in order to protect the environment and European wild species living in the park.

Makedonske elektrane claim that they have taken up series of activities to prepare the project as a precondition for the construction of power plants and they announce that they will conduct an additional study to protect the environment in accordance with the latest recommendations.

The company stressed that it has already prepared a study in accordance with the EU directives with a three year deadline to take additional measures as part of the planned obligations coming from the Action plan on the protection of the environment. A Swiss consulting company participates in the process of preparations, helping with the further implementation of the international standards, ELEM explains.

EBRD stresses that before making the decision about financing the projects they will consider the results of the strategic estimate of the impact of all development activities on the environment in national park Mavriovo. In November 2011 EBRD approved 65 million euro loan for ELEM, for the construction of HPP Boškov most provided that the project fulfills legal conditions and environmental standards, says the EBRD office in Macedonia, while they noted that no money was transferred yet.

ELEM claims that all processes were conducted transparently and in accordance with the law and that the company is cooperating with the public. They also say that NGOs have different opinions on the project in their notes sent to the Bern Conference.

In order to clarify any issues, ELEM finds it is good that the new study in accordance with the new recommendation will be conducted so it can additionally confirm specific needs to protect local flora and fauna.  The Company believes that the new study will be a solid platform to make further decisions regarding the projects and continuation of the cooperation with the EBRD, transmits

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