Macedonia: Electricity imports and balance

, SEE Energy News

Macedonia is oriented towards import when it comes to electricity. Last year, they imported 66 million dollar worth of electricity from Serbia. In 2013, the total import exceeded 100 million euros.

According to the projections in the energy balance, in the following years, Macedonia will consume more electricity, but it will also reduce import. For the year 2014, an increase in energy consumption has been envisaged amounting to 2.3 percent, i.e. 5.5 percent of primary energy with respect to the last year, with a simultaneous 8.9-percent increase in domestic production. The domestic production has been projected at 57.7 percent, whereas the rest will be covered through import.

To achieve these projections, it is necessary that the gas power plant TPP-HP Skoplje operate at full capacity (which mostly depends on the price of gas, heat and electricity) and that the ELEM, which provides 96 percent of the total domestic production, fulfill the annual plan.

Within the period from 2014 to 2018, the Ministry of Economy expects the primary energy provided from domestic resources to range between 57 and 59 percent. An increase in the domestic electricity generation with a 4.9-percent annual growth is expected.

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