Macedonia: electricity price decrease by regulator, effects on EVN DSO and ELEM

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Regulatory Commission for Energy has suggested that electricity price for tariff consumers shall decrease by 5,24% since 1st July.

Final decision shall be made at the end of month and President of Energy Regulatory Commission Dimitar Petrov does not expect it to be much different from suggested one, despite statements from metallurgy companies Makstil and Leguri.

-Commission suggests that ELEM has increase of 3%, MEPSO 3,97% and EVN Distribucija (DSO) of 4,83%. EVN Distribucija which believes that new price will influence on their liquidity, had the biggest appeals- Petrov said at the press conference.

He stressed that the biggest role in electricity price decrease is played by correction factors of incomes and that electricity price at the world market had much lower influence on electricity price decrease. The next correction of electricity prices will be in June 2014.

Petrov answered the journalists’ question until when the second phase of liberalization will be postponed that the correct answer will be given in September.

The second phase of further liberalization had supposed to happen on 1st January, and then it was postponed for 1st July 2013, when the market for companies that have over 50 employees and achieve incomes higher than 10 million EUR should be liberalized.

Source; Macedonia regulator/Serbia Energy See desk