Macedonia: ELEM HPPs count on favorable hydrology

, SEE Energy News

According to the Macedonian power utility ELEM, hydropower plant Splije near Debar and hydropower plant Globocica near Struga, both situated in Crni Drim catchment area, produced 588 million kWh of electricity in 2016, which is significantly more than planned for this year.

HPP Spilje produced 355 million kWh in 2016, which is 28.6 % more than planned, while HPP Globocica produced about 234 million kWh during this period, which is 23 % more than planned for this year.

Currently, there is enough water reserves in both accumulations, which is expected for this time of year. ELEM officials estimate that the snowfall during last week in the wider Debar area, along with more snow forecasted for the second half of the month, will favorably influence hydrology in the forthcoming period.

The plan for 2017 envisages the production of 275 million kWh of electricity for HPP Splije and 184 million kWh for HPP Globocica.