Macedonia: ELEM prepares to enter stage two of Bogdanci wind park project

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The ELEM publicly managed energy company announced that it is preparing for the second phase of its Bogdanci wind power park. ELEM General Manager Hristijan Mickoski said that it has been the best value-for-money project the company has had so far, which led to a decision to enter the second stage.

“Production expectations were surpassed by 25 percent. The results are extremely good, and this gives us hope not only in the expansion of this park, but in adding additional wind powered capacities in Bogdanci and in other areas of Macedonia”, Mickoski said.

The generating capacity with 16 turbines is largely automated and requires little effort to manage it. Additional 6 turbines should be installed in the next stage.

“Once completed, it will have a capacity of 50 megawatts, which, under optimal conditions, would produce 100 gigawatt hours of energy per year. That is enough to satisfy the needs of 60,000 citizens”, said Mickoski.

The area sees winds strong enough to power the turbines for about 30 percent of the time, which is better than the European average of 25 percent. Average wind speeds in the area are at 7.1 meters per second.

German KfW bank lent most of the initial investment of 55.5 million EUR. Additional 24 million EUR will be needed for the next stage, and ELEM intends to take out an 18 million loan. Aleksandar Paunoski, ELEM director for development and investment, said that the company is scouting other areas along the Vardar river, and believes it can install turbines with a capacity of 100 megawatts near the villages of Miravci and Davidovo.

“There was lack of infrastructure in the area, but now, with the construction of the Demir Kapija ­ Smokvica highway, we can make this additional project come true. We are in talks with a number of international financial institutions and we expect to receive grants for these parks”, said Paunoski.

Source: Independent