Macedonia: EVN to invest over billion euros in its Macedonia distribution network

19. June 2013. / SEE Energy News

EVN Macedonia in the next twenty years will invest over one billion euros in new energy capacities in the distribution system, it is envisaged by EVN’s Master Plan outlined on Tuesday.

The projects included in the Master Plan will be realised throughout Macedonia in an effort to improve the quality of energy distribution and supply.

“The one billion-euro investments mean better quality of the electric distribution network and energy efficiency of the system. Energy demand in the coming period will rise by two percent and our investments will address these predictions. By implementing the Master Plan, we are going to continue upgrading, reconstructing and modernising the network,” said Werner Hengst – chairman of the EVN Macedonia Executive Board.

He noted that EVN Macedonia’s commitment to improving the distribution system could be made possible after establishing a partnership and cooperation with all relevant institutions and the business sector.

The deputy PM in charge of economic affairs, Vladimir Pesevski said that the collaboration with energy companies played an important role in improving the business climate.

“One of the basic factors of an efficient economy is the existence of a stable and quality energy supply… This Master Plan is a chance to increase energy capacity for consumers. It demonstrates that Macedonia is a favourable destination for investments and that the business climate is attractive,” Pesevski stated.

Minister of Economy Valon Saraqini noted that energy investments were the most crucial incentive of economic growth.

“The Ministry of Economy and the Government recently have adopted series of measures aimed at advancing the business climate. The foundation of every business is the access to energy and quality supply. Our task is to create an adequate energy policy. Therefore, a strategy for the development of the energy sector until 2020 has been enacted,” Saraqini said.

With the Master Plan, he added, energy efficiency will be boosted.

The Master Plan was developed in the past five years by EVN Macedonia expert teams.
EVN Macedonia first entered the country’s market seven years ago. In the meantime, the company has invested 196 million euros in the construction of a new network and reconstruction of the existing one.

Source;Mac news agency/Serbia Energy See desk

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