Macedonia Exclusive: 62MEUR Electricity trading report for 1/2Q 2013, market share dominated by GEN and EFT

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Of the total market share of imported electricity sold in the Macedonia for period January-May 2013, the Slovenia energy trader Gen-M recorded almost 40% of that market share, remaining went to Delivery Energy Solutions – 33% and 12.3% to regional energy trader EFT Macedonia. The rest of the market share was shared among 9 other electricity traders.

Data from MEPSO (state TSO transmission system operator) show that the total market share of electricity was divided between three traders. The rest of the business was shared by 9 other traders (Korlea, Elem Trade, EVN Trading, Denmark Commodities, Rowe End Rifand, Energy Services, Pan Intertrade, Inc. Elem and Energy Supply company ).
If we analyze the share of electricity sold only in May this year, the situation is similar.

Out of big consumers, industrial production companies, most electricity was bought by Kavadarci Feni – 36% of total electricity sold in the Macedonian market. Tetovo Plant for ferrosilicon, Jugohrom Feroalojs in may bought electricity in value of about 32% of the total sold power, while EVN Macedonia which is the local DSO purchased for households and small industries electricity about 15%.  For what exact amount of imported electricity work, MEPSO not offer details. There is no information at what price retailers sold the electricity industries, and to EVN.
Imports of electricity in the country costed 8 million euros in may only. In the first five months, the level of imported electricity reached 62,698,172 euros. According to statistics, the import was made from 4 countries and neighboring Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and Switzerland.

In the first five months of the year from Bulgaria imported electricity worth 8,455,212 euros, 27428231 euros from Serbia and Greece only 140,418 euros. The information factor for five-month electricity imports show that Switzerland has collected 26,674,311 euros from the sale of electricity in Macedonia through this energy traders.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk