Macedonia: Favorable hydrology pushes HPP production

, SEE Energy News

According to the officials of the Macedonian power utility ELEM, hydropower plant Splije near Debar and hydropower plant Globocica near Struga, both situated in Crni Drim catchment area, produced over 565 million kWh of electricity until midDecember, while their annual production plan for 2016 was exceed in the first ten months of the year.

HPP Spilje produced 340 million kWh in the period 1 January – 15 December 2016, which is 29 % more than planned for that period and 24 % above the annual production plan. HPP Globocica produced about 225 million kWh during this period, which is 18 % more than planned for the entire 2016.

These results are achieved mainly due to favorable hydrology in Crni Drim and Radika catchment area and successfully implemented maintenance of equipment at these hydropower plants. Debar and Globocica accumulations currently have water reserve to produce additional 20 and 13 million kWh of electricity respectively. The average water inflow is about 40 cubic meters per second at Debar accumulation and 30 cubic meters per second at Globocica accumulation.

Last year these two hydropower plants produced a total of 542 million kWh of electricity, which is considered as one of the best production results.