Macedonia, FYR: Rains favor Macedonian hydro power plants

, SEE Energy News

Over the last few weeks, Macedonia has being affected continuously by precipitation which has beneficial effects on the hydrological situation of Lake Ohrid and the artificial reservoirs that are used to produce electricity, so there is no danger of flooding, the Electric Power Industry of Macedonia (ELEM) confirmed.

– Bearing in mind last winter and lack of rain and snow, the April rains have improved water levels in the reservoirs and there is enough capacity for influx acceptance of new rains. In this context, there is no danger of overflow and from flooding the land as well, in the regions around the artificial lake – they say in ELEM.

In ELEM say the Ohrid Lake is currently at a level of 693.46 meters or 29 inches from the maximum elevation determined, and is not expected its level to rise higher. Mavrovska reservoir is filled with 55.1% and there is enough capacity to absorb new inflows. The same applies to the reservoirs Spilje, Globocica, Tikves and Kozjak who have been fulfilled between 47 and 65% of its available capacity.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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