Macedonia: Gov restarts HPP Cebren and Galiste tenders 333&192MW, strategic partners expected

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The government of Macedonia has  announced the  opening of a new tender for construction of the Cebren and  Galiste hydropower plants on Crna reka. Concessions for Crna reka water use will be  awarded as a result of the tender, which is the tenth to be  announced.

“In conditions in which we seek to lead an expeditious  and efficient policy in the fields of water and energy, with  particular emphasis on use of renewable energy sources,  which have an enormous impact on security in energy supply  and environment protection, the Ministry of Environment and  Spatial Planning is accelerating its actions in implementation  of this project,” said Minister Abdulacim Ademi.  The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, which is  responsible for the tender announcement, had proposed  amendments of the tender conditions to the Macedonian  government. The government accepted the amendments and  initiated the tender announcement process for the Crna reka  concessions.  “We intend to announce the call for concessions for the use of  water for production of electric energy from the power plant  on Crna reka as soon as possible and we believe that potential  concessionaries will be pleased with the amendments made

to this tender,” explained Ademi.

The minister added that the needs of the state and the  demands of future concessionaries had to be taken into  account when putting together the terms of water use for the  Cebren and Galiste plants on Crna reka.  As Ademi explained, the tender for concessions predicts the  construction of a dam at Cebren, which would be between  182.5 and 192.5 metres high, with a minimum total capacity  of 333 MW, as well as construction of a dam at Orlov Kamen.  “The minimum percentage in the joint company that the future  concessionary should offer to AD  ELEM  (JSC Macedonian Power Plants) should not be under 35 per cent. When the  Cebren power plant starts working at full capacity, prices for  electric energy transfer paid to AD MEPSO will be fixed and valid for the entire concession period at the rates for 2013 amounting to 4.4 euros per MWh. Tikves hydropower plant will  be handed over for concessions three months after signing of  the concession contract,” said Minister Ademi, adding that the  new tender leaves the possibility of construction of the Galiste  plant open, depending on whether the government deems  it necessary in the future. Ademi announced that with these  changes, the government expects successful implementation  of the tender and selection of a company to implement the  project.

All relevant institutions responsible for water, energy, economy, transport and finance will be included in the concession  granting procedure, Ademi announced. In addition, he said  that an important role will be given to the International Finance  Corporation, which will confirm the predicted amendments  to the tender documentation. Ademi also added that the  tender will be announced in domestic media and one foreign  newspaper.

According to information on the Macedonian  ELEM  website,  Cebren HPP which was conceived as a reversible hydropower  plant, should have a total installed capacity of 333 MW for  turbines and 347 MW for a pump with an average production  of electric energy of 840.3 GWh and investment of 318.5  million euros. Construction of this power plant should take six  years.

Galiste hydropower plant will have an average power generation of 262.5 GWh, with a capacity of 193.5 MW and  investment of 200.2 million euros. The construction deadline  for the plant would be seven years. The existing power plant,  Tikves, has a total installed power of 116 MW and annual  production of 184 GWh. Construction of the Cebren and Galiste  plants would enable maximum use of Crna reka with a total  installed power of 640.5 MW and annual production of 1,286.5 GWh. ELEM Macedonian Power Plants AD is a company  governing power plants and production of electric energy in  the country and was founded through the restructuring of the  Macedonian Energy System in 2005.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/ELEM

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