Macedonia: Granting concessions for two new hydroelectric power plants tender

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The Macedonian government will soon announce the tenth tender for the project of construction of hydropower Cerben and Galiste on river flow of Crna reka. Public call will be published in the local media and one foreign newspaper. “The conditions of the new public call for the implementation of procedures for the award of the concession to use water to generate electricity from hydropower plants on Crna reka, known as HE Cebren and HE Galiste are somewhat aligned with the needs and the demands of the future concessionaire,” stated spokesman of Minister of Environment and spatial Planning .

He said the new tender does not anticipate the construction of HPP Galiste, but gives the possibility of its construction in the future if the government decides.

Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, which is in charge for the publication of the public invitation in order to accelerate the implementation of the project activities, has proposed that government changes the conditions of the new tender, and the government has adopted the amendments at the last meeting and decided to initiate procedures for awarding concessions for use of water for electricity generation as well as the construction of hydropower plants on Crna reka under the improved conditions.

“The new tender stipulates that the height of the dam on HE Cebren should be between 182.5 and 192.5 meters with a minimum installed capacity of 333 MW, as well as the ability to install four generators. The minimum percentage of energy produced which the concessionaire must provide for ELEM DD should not be below 33 percent and at a fixed price of 4.4 euros per MW”, Ademi said, adding that for HE Tikves wil be awarded to concessionaire three months after the signing of concessional agreement.

Ademi confirmed that these changes will contribute to the successful completion of the tender. Otherwise, in the process of awarding the tender, all relevant parties in the field of water, energy, economy, transportation and finance will be included, and the tender documents will be prepared by the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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