Macedonia: HPP Spilja records full production plan achievement

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Very profitable hydrology of Debar’s basin that includes rivers Radika and Crni Drim conditioned a full accumulation of “Debarsko jezero” and increased production of electricity in HPP Spilja near Debar.

-134 million KWH has been produced since the beginning of the year until 24 April. It represents around 54% of total planned annual production that is projected to 252 million KWH. Plant is still working in full capacity which means with daily production of 2 million KWH- authorities confirm.

Inflow of Radika River is very large because of snow melting on mountains, Crni Drim inflow as well so that medium inflow amounts around 170 cubic meters of water per second. Full accumulation which is overflowing for a month is guaranty that three turbines will still work in full capacity. Accumulation has reservoirs for production of 39 million KWH.

Authorities believe that all amount of water that comes will be processed as a result of good hydrology and readiness and that annual production will be higher than planned.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/ELEM