Macedonia: It’s definitely that there will be no delay in the liberalization of the electricity market ?

, SEE Energy News

The liberalization of the electricity market , which was postponed twice , will be realize on April 1 next year , and it will not cause price shocks ” announced President of the Energy Regulatory Commission Dimitar Petrov , which many regarded as the final government paragraph on this very important issue which was postponed several times .

” All 222 qualified prospective customers are ready for the liberalization of the electricity market to take place on 1 April next year . We will not allow any jumps in the price of electricity for households and especially small Company who will remain on the regulated market , ” said Petrov .

In Macedonia in January 2008 liberalized the market for large customers , or about 25 percent of the total market . From April 1, 2014 market  will be liberalize for the 222 companies with over 50 employees and revenues of 10 million euro’s a year, from 1 January 2015 for captive consumers (households and small companies ) that the market will be fully liberalized .

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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