Macedonia: “Macedonian energy resources ” received a concession for exploitation of coal Pehchevo

, SEE Energy News

The concession for the exploitation of coal in the village Pancharevo – Pehchevo and village Svegor – Delchevo was granted the corporation owned the “Macedonian energy resources ”

According to information from both municipalities exploitation field occupies a total area of about 10 square kilometers . Of these , Municipality of Pehchevo six and Municipality of Delcevo four square kilometers .This part of Pijanechko – Males region by geological surveys , conducted in the last few years , determined ore reserves of over 50 million tons .

To open the mine , which will allow more jobs , we must expropriate the land . This process will include over 500 agricultural plots. The investment is scheduled to be conducted on the principle of public- private partnership .

– We expect the opening of the mine to stop migration and to bring revival in this area , says Igor Popovski , Mayor of Pehchevo.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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