Macedonia: Macedonian HPP Spilje increases power gen output

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For the purpose of the power system of Macedonia, in the first quarter of this year, HPP Spilja near Debra has delivered approximately 25 million kWh of electricity.

– The production in this period presents about 10% of the planned annual production, which in accordance with the energy balance which is projected at 282.5 million kWh. The average water flow of about 40 cubic meters per second, and the fulfillment of Debar accumulation is about 50%. It has a reserve of water for the production of about 20 million kWh – say competent people.

Having in mind the fact that we have behind one of the most successful winter in the past 20 years, this is a solid compliance of accumulation of Debar Lake.

In this important power plant premise, last year it was produced 395 million kWh of electricity, which was 57% more than the annual plan. Compared with the production of the previous year, there was even 156 million kWh more. It should be noted that the annual plan was realized in mid-summer.

– The last year is considered to be one of better years, with production of 395 million kWh. It is the result of favorable hydrological situation in Debar watershed area, which includes the River Radika and the river Drina, especially in the time period February-March and optimize production capacity – say authorities.

Otherwise, the 44-year existence of the historical record production of 500 million kWh was achieved four years ago because of the extremely favorable hydrology, which, as experts say, happens once in 100 years.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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