North Macedonia: MEPSO launched tender for North Macedonian section of interconnection with Albania

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Electricity transmission system operator of North Macedonia – MEPSO has launched a tender for the construction of 400 kV transmission line and a 400/110 kV substation near Ohrid, both part of the North Macedonian section of the country’s electricity interconnection with Albania.

Tender is divided into two lots. Lot 1 includes the design, procurement, installation, testing, and commissioning of a 400 kV overhead transmission line from 400/110 kV substation Bitola 2, via 400/110 kV substation Ohrid to the North Macedonian-Albanian border. Lot 2 includes the design, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of 400/110 kV Ohrid substation and the upgrade of 400 kV Bitola 2 substation. Deadline for the submission of bids is 28 October. The contract are expected to start on 20 December 2019 and should be completed within 30 months.

MEPSO is in charge of the construction of the North Macedonian section of 400 kV transmission line Bitola-Elbasan between North Macedonia and Albania, which would be the first interconnection between the two countries. Total cost of the project (North Macedonian side) is estimated at 48 million euros.

This project is a part of the European Commission’s initiative to establish electricity transmission corridor between Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania,

Montenegro and Italy, which also includes the construction of submarine DC cable between Montenegro and Italy. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) secured financing for the project back in 2015 – a grant worth 12 million euros and a 36 million euros loan.