Macedonia: Net electricity output 655 GWh in February

, SEE Energy News

Total net production of electricity in Macedonia in February 2023 stood at 655,361 MWh, which is by 49% higher compared to the same month last year, according to the data from State Statistical Office, Makstat.

354,756 MWh or 54% was produced at thermal power plants (+57% compared to February 2022), 156,049 MWh or 24% was produced at hydropower plants (+164%), 122,215 MWh or 19% in CHP plants (- 11.4 %) and 15,810 MWh or 2% was produced by wind farm. Production at biogas power plants was 4,111 MWh, while solar power plants produced 2,420 MWh of electricity in February.

According to the Makstat report, 100% of the consumed electricity in February was covered by domestic production.

Total electricity consumption in North Macedonia in February 2023 amounted to 651,140 MWh, natural gas consumption amounted to 37.66 million cubic meters and coal consumption reached 529,157 tons.

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