Macedonia: New cycle of concessions for mineral resources exploration

28. May 2013. / SEE Energy News

Ministry of Economy has issued concessions for 50 mineral resources’ research locations in the country. This is the biggest package ever which includes 29 findings of metal sites, 16 findings of non-metals and 4 locations of decoration stone.

The state will earn 50 million denars from this project. Minister of Economy, Valjon Sarakini confirmed that they are issuing concessions for Majden finding, well-known as Alsar. Concession for Alsar was issued to Info Group, and three interested companies have applied for this location.

“Conditions for easier work in sector for mining and economy growth are being improved. It is meaningful that the new law will give 78% of incomes to municipal cash registers”, Sarakini says.

Straso Milkovski, Managing Director of Granit which got locations for research on Varovnik Delcevo, has stressed that this move will bring new work places and precondition for huge economy development.

“Our goal is to finish geological research as soon as possible and to apply these locations for exploitation because raw materials are very important to us and required by construction”, Milkovski says.

Concessioners will have four years the most to research location before submitting report and to decide whether to ask or not to ask for concession for these minerals’ exploitation.

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