Macedonia: New environment impact studies to influence the fate of HPPs Boskov most and Lukovo polje

, SEE Energy News

Energy state company Elektrani na Makedonija (ELEM) did not get the official explanation that EBRD stopped works on the project Boskov most. All activities are realized according to the planned dynamics agreed between the state and the international financier.

ELEM did not get official explanation from the European Bank for the Reconstruction and Development on the interruption of the activities related with the project HPP Boskov most. On the contrary, all activities are realized under the policy of the international financial institution and by planned dynamics.

This ELEM reaction comes after the text in the British Guardian with reference to the statement of the high EBRD representative, who published that the energy projects will be stopped and new study has being done.

The implementation of “new” study on the environmental impact assessment is underway. Until the study is finished, no activities will be done. Due to the urgent reactions of environment experts and public concern, the field work is difficult. It is probably that we should take care of these problems and to give up”, writes newspaper Guardian.

That the situation is complicated also shows the study on the project Lukovo Polje that has waited for five years to be published or maybe stored in some drawers, say ecologists. They point out that it is a building in the protected zone.

About 100 thousands citizens have been signed the international petitions against the power plants building, and protests have been organized several times in Macedonia and Albania.

According to the latest attitude, the Government will not withdraw from these two energy projects Boskov most and Lukovo polje. These two projects cost about 170MEUR. EBRD and the World Bank should provide most of the money, and besides the construction of these two, it is also planned to build an additional 20 small hydropower plants in the region of Mavrovo.