Macedonia: Power utility ELEM Electricity generation in accordance with the needs of the tariff consumers

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Existing plants within power company ELEM supply electricity in accordance with the needs of tariff customers in Macedonia. “The company fully delivers the announced electricity amount to the power system, based on energy consumption by households and small businesses”, it was announced from AD ELEM as response to Atanasko Tunevski from SDSM. From ELEM say to SDSM to stop the manipulation with thesis that the production is the only factor that determines the electricity price for tariff customers.

Cost is determined on the basis of the methodology established by the Regulatory Committee for Energy, and not ELEM. “Three thermal units of the thermal power plant Bitola have been engaged in the power system and electricity supply in accordance to the needs, while TPP Oslomej is adjusted depending on the system needs and the economic and technical market conditions. The company has developed a strategy for the revitalization and modernization of existing facilities in order to prolong their service life for the next few decades. Due to the complexity of their implementation, parts of the investment projects require a longer delay in some part of the plant, but it is done in order of their prolonged use. During this period, it is expected increase in operating costs to optimize and fully configure the necessary technical and technological parameters”, according to ELEM reaction.

In order to avoid speculation on this subject, as added, there is no additional electricity import in the period that SDSM discussed on, except those quantities imported by AD EVN in accordance with the Law on energy to cover technical losses in the distribution network. ELEM did not import electricity for three years, because it has no interest of any legal obligation to do so. AD Macedonian Power Plants remind that the company is among the largest domestic investors in the last five years. “Only in 2014th were started two major energy projects, project of wind farm Bogdanci that is fully rounded, and the second phase of hydropower plants revitalization. The total value of these two projects is about 92 MEUR”, said ELEM in reaction to SDSM press conference.

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