Macedonia: Power utility ELEM successful case story wind park Bogdanci

, SEE Energy News

Wind farm “Bogdanci” located on the site Ranavec next to the city Bogdanci, entered the regular electricity production following a successful test. Power utility ELEM with financial support of international lenders successfully completed the project development.

This project worth 55 MEUR has recently received technical permission and it was officially put into operation in early July. The wind farm has 30 windmills whose setting was completed in February last year, ending a difficult phase of construction.

For successful project implementation it was built 20/110 kV substation, 110 kV transmission line of 11.8 kilometers, access roads and construction of the command building. In the first half of the year the wind farm “Bogdanci” produced 65 million kilowatt hours, or 70 percent of total production planned for the year.

This wind farm with an output of at least 100 million kWh already supplies electricity to households and supplies about 60,000 citizens.

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