Macedonia: Regulator measures requests for 2013 electricity price increase, Public supplier-DSO-TSO expectations high as Macedonia don’t have balances in electricity demand

2. July 2013. / SEE Energy News

Macedonia Regulatory Commission for Energy (RKE) shall say by the end of the week which electricity price will be paid by citizens next year only if there are no extremely low winter temperatures that can cause urgent export and so the new price correction. Three energy companies, ELEM, MEPSO and EVN have delivered calculation of expenses they had during previous 12 months and which should be the base for forming the price of electricity.

However, as Dimitrav Petrov, the first man of RKE, stated and as they believe the thing which suppose to be confirmed shall be included in the price and the second thing is that which will be confirmed.

Unlike the previous year when the urgent import happened because of extremely low temperatures and the price increased by 18% in two times since June, last year until now which is the period for calculation, consumptions is decreasing constantly. Electricity which is found at world market because of really good hydrology is being sold at price of 30-50e per MWH at the same time.

Consumers who are connected to distribution network during this calculation period have spent 6.128 GWH i.e. citizens and the most companies in the country. 5.750 GWH was provided from HPPs and TPPs what means that Macedonia lacked around 380 GWH. If we compare this with period with the same period last year when distribution consumers took over 6.758 GWH, it turns out that it was spent even 630 GWH less. Domestic production was 5.913 GWH at the same time what means that 850 GWH, provided from import in period when electricity recorded constant growth at market and it was moving between 120 and 130 EUR per MWH, were lacking.

These numbers and situation in energy sector leave some space for positive thinking when it comes to future electricity price. These documents are said in RKE to be considered if and which correction will follow. However, investment of energy companies are also influencing on its forming, especially in ELEM which has huge debts abroad.

Households in Macedonia are paying electricity price of 90 EUR per MWH at the moment and 33% of installed power is also included. Companies connected to distribution system are paying almost double price. Electricity delivered by ELEM has production price of 38 EUR per MWH and electricity consumption in May also recorded fall as well as in previous months. Consumers connected to distribution network took over 380 GWH which is almost 50 GWH less with reference to the same month last year. Big consumers which purchase electricity at free market also have many bad achievements. In general, 590 GWH is required in May which is 70 GWH less with the reference to May 2012.

The fact that domestic production is higher than needs is the thing which separates this month from other. According to dispatcher report of MEPSO, TPPs and HPPs have produced 486 GWH which is 100 GWH more than needs of tariff consumers, especially when TPP Oslomej didn’t work and when Mine Energy Complex Bitola has worked with much lower potential. HPPs worked in turbo system and produced 222 GWH because of big flows and they produced only 94 GWH in May last year.

Source;Macedonia energy regulator/Serbia Energy See desk

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