Macedonia: RES electricity could satisfy domestic consumption

, SEE Energy News

The conclusion of ―Long Term Energy Development in Macedonia conference is that the country has the potential to cover its electricity demand through renewable energy (RES), but it is necessary to establish a long-term energy strategy, secure the financial resources and perform the liberalization of energy market.

According to Konstantin Dimitrov from the Macedonian Center for Energy Efficiency (MACEF), through substitution of electricity produced from fossil fuels with electricity produced by renewable sources, Macedonia will get rid of electricity imports, reduce oil and gas imports and significantly reduce environmental pollution, thus becoming more energy independent. He stressed that currently between 13 and 14 % of electricity produced in Macedonia comes from RES, while some 35 % of its electricity needs is imported, adding that electricity demand could be decreased by implementing energy efficiency measures.

Director of the Macedonian Energy Agency Aleksandar Dukovski explained that Southeastern Macedonia has the greatest potential for solar, wind and geothermal production, but the largest obstacle is the high cost of implementation and integration of renewable energy sources in the electricity system.

According to the latest data, annual potential of large and small hydropower plants in Macedonia amounts to 5,699 GWh of electricity, expected potential of wind farms is 1,320 GWh, while solar power plants potential amounts to 200 thousand tons of oil equivalent, transmits