Macedonia: Restart of TPP Oslomej project

, SEE Energy News

Macedonian state-owned power utility ELEM, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, has opened a public debate on the environmental impact of the proposed modernization project of coal-fired thermal power plant Oslomej near Kicevo.

A study on the proposal was made by different groups of experts with the aim to reduce the negative impact on the environment by TPP Oslomej. The study examined the options of using high quality imported coal as well as the lower quality domestic coal available in the vicinity of the plant. The proposal will allow the creation of well balanced domestic power production site that would work at an affordable costs, independent of changes in the world market, while the operational life of the plant would be extended by additional 30 years. It would also make the plant more efficient and would reduce emissions of SOx, NOx and dust particles in order to meet the EU standards.

The project for the modernization of TPP Oslomej envisages an investment of some 126 million euros for the replacement of old steam turbine with a new one able to burn 350,000 tons of coal per year. The modernization also includes the emissions reduction.

TPP Oslomej is the first TPP in Macedonia, put in operation in 1980, with output of 125 MW. The plant is currently supplied with lignite from nearby Oslomej coalmine.