Macedonia: Thermal power plants lead in the production of electricity

, SEE Energy News

In February 2014 in Macedonia, the total consumption of all types of energy was: 749.141 MWh of electricity, 1.885 million cubic meters of gas, 618.696 tons of coal and 58.214 tons of oil products

According to the analysis of the State Institute of Statistics, the gross domestic electricity consumption participated with 59.1% in gross domestic energy consumption, while 96.3% of the total consumption of coal is used for electricity production.

In February this year, statisticians have found that the largest electricity production was 84% from thermal power plants, 17.7% from hydroelectric power plants and at least 2% of the combined units and industrial power plants and 0.2% from solar panels.

As far as the total consumption of oil products in February, the most consumed was diesel for transport 42.4%, while the consumption of fuel oil reached 18.6%, 11.9% motor gasoline and 8.3% fuel oil combustion. The consumption of natural gas is realized even with the 75.9% in the public boiler rooms and in combined power plants.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk