Macedonia: TPP Bitolj is the largest producer of electric power, and the largest consumer is FENI

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In Macedonia 40 percent of the electric power consumption comes from TPP Bitolj, 23,4 percent comes from hydro power plants, while 33,3 percent is covered by import. The rest of consumption, about 3 percent, is covered by renewable energy sources – wind, solar power and biomass. These data are part of the new analysis of the electric power market in 2015 done by MEPSO.

Energy experts think that the rise in the consumption of electric power in the industry sector is directly connected to the growth of Macedonian economy, and projections show that this trend is to be continued in the upcoming year as well.

First on the list of big consumers of electric power is the ferronickel production industry FENI. The MEPSO analysis shows that this company bought 24,4 percent of the electric power in the free market. The second place is occupied by Jugohrom which covers 14 percent of the electric power free market. Makstil mine and Usje are also on list of main clients.

Last year in Macedonia 45 percent of the electric power market was open.  To be precise, in the period from January to August 2014 the share of electric power bought at the open market was 44,9 percent of the total consumption and in the same period this year it was 40,6 percent.

The MEPSO analysis of the functioning of the open electric energy market showed that EDS has the biggest share, transmits