Macedonia: TSO company MEPSO invested 50MEUR in new projects

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The new interconnections Stip-Nis and Bitola-Elbasan, the new facility in Ohrid 400/11kV strong and new MEPSO’s investment projects 50 million EUR worth are included in ten years’ plan for development of transmission network of European continent. TINDP 2012 is approved from EU Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E). The most important priorities of MEPSO are part of EU “mega plan” TYNDP 2012 which is in length of 100 objects and 104 billion EUR worth projects for rehabilitation, modernization, improvement or construction of 51.500 km of transmission lines all over European continent- experts presented on MEPSO Conference for SEE Transmission Line Challenges on Macedonian Energy Association (ZEMAK) and “Stip Macedonian chamber” in Skopje.

-MEPSO is a member of EU family of transmission system operators. We can invest in regionally important projects: 400 kV line Nis-Stip, Bitolj-Elbasan and the new 400/100 kV facility near Ohrid. We can construct 165 km of new lines and facilities with more than 50 million EUR worth investments. Revitalization and modernization of 10 facilities provision of SCADA systems and new power supply object of 400/110 kV are significant in parallel work on projects of national interest- Sinisa Spasov, Managing Director of MEPSO doo said.

Construction of transmission line that will connect Macedonia with Serbia and Albania, the new facility in Ohrin and revitalization of transmission network in east and central Macedonia are part of 18 priority MEPSO projects performed by studies of transmission network development in period of 2010-2020 done by MEPSO experts in cooperation with external consultants and experts for planning, construction and development of transmission network. Study is strategic document like investment operative plan with concrete terms and amounts made to satisfy all demands for electricity transmission from producers to consumers until 2020.

TINDP 2012 is answer to demands of European regulative EC 714/2009 which ENTSO-E asked to prepare all included ten years’ plan of transmission network development. Plan indentifies investments for renewal and improvement of network which is 104 billion worth and 51,500km long all over Europe. More than 100 projects are significance and commitment to transmission network operators in supporting main EU energy principles: integration to energy markets, development of renewable energy sources and providing safety of supply.